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NetPipes was built for business...strictly for business.
dotOur services are geared to companies who view computers and networks (including the Internet) as basic business tools.

We're multi-disciplined
Most ISP's are founded and staffed by individuals with strong technical backgrounds. Spend a minute with them and they'll astound you with their knowledge of "bits and bytes."
dotAt NetPipes we could play the bits and bytes game, too. After all, we're technically savvy and understand all the terms.
dotBut we also understand marketing. And business communications. And we understand that all the bits and bytes in the world are of little value unless viewed as business tools.

Geared for business
At NetPipes, our business perspective drives our business philosophy. You'll see evidence of this throughout our company.
dotFor example, NetPipes hosts web sites, but we don't offer consumer dial-up services. Why? Because consumers can overwhelm an ISP's support staff. Since we don't spend time solving consumer problems, we can concentrate on solving business problems.

NetPipes defined
dotSo what exactly is NetPipes? Well, you could call us as an ISP/advertising/marketing/ communications/business re-engineering company. On the other hand, it's much easier to simply call us NetPipes.


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