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Employment opportunities...

We currently have a number of opportunities for qualified individuals.

Growth creates opportunity
With the expertise we've assembled, it's no wonder we're growing. And that growth creates room for additional team members.
dotNetPipes is actively searching for candidates who excel in a number of highly specialized areas. But be advised: our selection process is unique and quite demanding.

An unusual approach
We operate in teams. And every employee is rated based on his or her team performance. So it's only fitting that membership is determined by the team.
dotAs an applicant, you will be interviewed by members of your prospective team. Only upon approval by all team members will you be offered a contract and invited to join our staff.
dotAt contract renewal time, you will be rated by fellow team members and, provided you meet their approval, your contract will be renewed.
dotIt's an unusual way to run a company. But then NetPipes is an unusual company.

Run with the best
If you happen to be accepted for employment, you will join an elite team of professionals.
dotNetPipes membership is a source of pride for all our employees. It is a sign that you are highly regarded by your peers. And it signals to the world that you are a player in our industry.
dotNeedless to say, at NetPipes, our people are our most important asset.


Current openings
Current NetPipes openings include:
dotGraphic design specialist
dotHTML programming specialist
dotOracle specialist
dotCold Fusion specialist
dotServer administrator
dotNetworking specialist
dotTelemarketing specialist
dotAccount services rep

For employment information, or to submit your resume, please e-mail the NetPipes Human Resources Department.

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