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NetPipes services are geared to companies who view computers and networks (including the Internet) as basic business tools.
dotAs such, we offer a range of services to leverage your computing resources and integrate them with world-wide resources of the Internet .

The Internet
One of the biggest challenges in business today is developing a strategy to take advantage of the power of the Internet. Done right, it can dramatically enhance the scope and power of your existing computer resources.
dotSecurity, connectivity, marketing and communications issues need to be addressed. But the payoffs can be substantial—your computing infrastructure becomes a global data network that presents opportunities limited only by your imagination.

The Intranet
The same technology that powers the Internet can be harnessed and put to work within your company.
dotNow all your internal players can can stay up-to-date. Collaboration can reduce the constant need for meetings and speed time-to-market.
dotAs an HR resource, your Intranet can keep employees happy and productive.
dotAnd imagine the savings in time and materials if all the forms you presently use can be input directly into your systems. top

The Extranet
The same logic applies to your relationship with vendors and customers.
dotBy providing a password-protected site or sites, you can closely communicate with vendors and customers alike, keeping all of your stake-holders fully informed.
dotYou keep your vendors informed. They keep you informed. And your customers can do business with you seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Which brings us to the topic of electronic commerce. What is your strategy?
dotAt NetPipes, we're committed to more than just helping you build an e-commerce site. After all, you already have internal systems in place. Why not make them work together?

Legacy Systems
Your legacy systems drive your present business. All the above technologies should serve as an extension of those systems.
dotAt NetPipes, we design seamless interfaces between various systems. Think of us as network plumbers. We design the system and install the pipes that weld various parts of your computer network into one, seamless network.
dotCall it total integration.

EDI applies those same principles to the computer systems of your vendors and customers.
dotTheir computing systems become part of your network. You have enhanced communications with the outside world you depend on.

Obviously, there may be parts of an integrated system that are not yet in place. That's another area where NetPipes can help.
dotWe can host any part of your total computing solution. From simple web or e-mail hosting on the Internet, to full-blown outsourcing of your entire computing infrastructure. We can handle it all.

Web Design
Of course we also provide support services.
dotFor example, your Internet site is an extension of your business. In fact, for some, it may be the only connection to your business.
dotIf your site looks professional, your organization will be viewed as professional. If not, well we won't go there...
dotRest assured, if you need to make a good impression, we're standing by to lend a hand, so talk to us.


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